Don't lose customers to choice overload. Guide customers to the right decision.

Transform hesitant visitors into satisfied customers by offering personalized product recommendations through Qonfi's guided selling feature. Increase your conversion rate by an average of +255%. Start creating your personalized selling guide today.

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Who is Qonfi for?

You need Qonfi when...

Provide automated product advice

Guide customers as if they were in-store.

Interact with your customers, understand their preferences, and alleviate decision-making stress. Assist them in discovering products aligned with their interests, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Boost your online growth.

By utilizing a selling guide, your customers can effortlessly locate the products they desire, resulting in a heightened conversion rate, increased customer satisfaction, and amplified sales and profits.

Conversion rate
Average order value

Happy customers

What are our users saying about Qonfi?

Optimize your assortment

Discover what your customers are really looking for

With Qonfi, your website visitors provide direct feedback on their product preferences, enabling you to understand their needs better. We automatically gather and analyze these insights, identifying the most preferred responses and areas for improvement. Utilize these valuable insights to optimize your product range, refine purchasing decisions, enhance marketing strategies, and tailor your assortment to meet customer demands effectively.

Collect zero-party data and enrich your customer profiles

Effortlessly integrate Qonfi with your CRM, data warehouse, CDP, or App. Leverage the enhanced data provided by your selling guide to enhance your marketing initiatives and elevate customer satisfaction.



Reduce product returns

The primary cause of product returns is ordering the wrong item. Guided selling ensures customers quickly discover and purchase the suitable product for their needs, resulting in happier customers and decreased returns.

Save time & resources

Decrease customer inquiries

Many customers reach out via phone or email seeking validation for their product selection. A decision-making tool precisely guides customers to products that match their requirements, offering immediate reassurance in their purchasing decisions.

How it works

A Qonfi selling guide on your website in 4 easy steps

Why Qonfi

Why do customers choose Qonfi?

Complete freedom in styling and design.

Qonfi allows you to fully customize the appearance of your selling guide to match your brand design and preferences. Unlike templates, you have the flexibility to style your guide differently for each device, giving you ultimate control over your brand's presentation.

Minimal impact on page speed.

Unlike outdated iFrames and bloated code, Qonfi's script is lightweight, with a size of just ~50kb. This ensures that your website's performance remains optimal even with Qonfi's integration.

Monthly cancellation with no long-term commitments.

If it works and consistently adds value, why commit to a long-term contract? With Qonfi, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription monthly, giving you peace of mind and control over your investment.

Start for free, no strings attached.

No pressure, no fuss. With Qonfi, there's no mandatory demo or upfront commitments. Simply create your account and start using Qonfi today, completely free of charge.

Simple and transparent pricing

Creating your own guided selling with Qonfi is easy for everyone. We offer straightforward pricing plans with complete transparency. Each plan includes a complimentary 30-day trial period. During this time, you can create and evaluate your selling guide's performance at no cost, allowing you to make an informed decision about continuing with Qonfi.

What's included

  • Create your personalized selling guide

  • Analyze every interaction

  • Seamless integration on your website

  • Dedicated customer support

  • And much more...

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Yes. A 30-day trial period will automatically start when you create an account. The trial period ends automatically. You do not need to enter any payment details beforehand.

Yes. You can place Qonfi anywhere on your website. For example, in a pop-up, on the homepage, on a category page, on a product page, on the side of the website or embedded. You can simply place the Qonfi HTML element where you want to implement your selling guide.

Yes. Qonfi complies with GDPR requirements so your data is secure. Data storage takes place in the EU. It is our priority that data is secure. Data on Qonfi’s servers are intentionally limited to what is required for functionality.

Yes. Qonfi works on all E-commerce platforms such as Lightspeed, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, and BigCommerce, for example. You simply place the Qonfi script on your website.

Yes. You can connect with GA4 automatically. You can also connect Qonfi with a CDP, such as Spotler Activate (Squeezely), for personalisation purposes and enriching your customer profiles. You can also connect Qonfi to your CRM, Email or other app.

Definitely! We work with several partnerships. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Don't lose customers to choice overload.

Guide customers to the right decision.

Start for free. No credit card required.