Want to add guided selling to your website? It's easy with Qonfi.



Add images to your answers to enrich your flow.


Connect your Apps via API’s to boost marketing automation.

Product labels

Add product labels to your feed to highlight products.


Use the ‘position’ property to sort the displayed products.


Analyze user-behavior and keep your question drop-off below 25%.


Use forms to generate leads and send data straight to your CRM.


Use variables and create complex calculations to give tailored advice.

Easy editing

Use our intuitive editor to create an engaging question and answer flow.


For every answer, decide where you want to send the customer next.


Use your existing product feed to give product advice.


Easily match your products with your customer's answers.


Preview any changes to your selling guide before you go live.

No developer needed

Publish your selling guide by adding a simple script to your page. No developer needed.

AI generator

Use our built-in AI question flow generator to kickstart your flow.


Edit texts, forms, SEO tags, display settings and more directly from the Qonfi interface.

Upload your feed

Upload your product feed and map your feed properties to Qonfi properties.


Tweak & Preview

Preview and test your selling guide and tweak the display settings to your liking.

Next steps.

That's it for the basics. But we're only getting started. Qonfi has much more to offer. Follow along to see what steps to take to bring your selling guide to the next level.

Don't lose customers to choice overload.

Guide customers to the right decision.

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